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Calling all dry stone walling tutors!

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Tender for delivery of dry stone wall workshops for Mourne Mountains Landscape Partnership (MMLP). Deadline 4pm on Friday 21st February 2014!


The MMLP programme (2013 – 2016) offers a variety of projects with emphasis on the natural, built and cultural landscape of the Mourne Mountains.

The programme brings together members of the community as well as local, regional, and national organisations, through many interlinked projects to create a shared vision to tackle the natural and built heritage needs of the local landscape. The aim of this project is to provide local people with the manual skills to restore Mourne dry stone walls. It is part of a larger project which will work with local landowners and contractors to restore at least 600 metres of damage evident in Mourne dry stone walls. 


Stone wall workshop provider to partner with the MMLP in a stone wall restoration project, with a completion date of August 2014.  

Role of provider:

Deliver theory and practical ‘hands-on’ learning about dry stone wall workshops:

Six (6) dry stone wall workshops

In various locations within the Mourne area of County Down

Transport of the tools, which are owned by Mourne Mountains Landscape Partnership, to the worksite

Transport of any additional materials required to the workshop location

Transport of the participants to the site visits

Care of the tools, owned by MMLP, for the duration of the training workshops and safe return of tools.

Liaise with the MMLP re venues for the workshops and the site visits

Role of MMLP:


An approximate budget of £1,500 per workshop is available to an external provider to deliver this programme. Please note this budget is inclusive of all expenses and VAT (if applicable).

Providers wishing to be considered for this piece of work should provide a detailed costing for the overall delivery of the program and hold appropriate insurance certificates and all work carried out according to the current Health and Safety legislation. Please note that the MMLP is not under any obligation to accept the lowest or indeed any tender submitted.  



The locations of the workshops have been identified and the workshop instructor will work alongside the MMLP project officer to define restoration needs at each location. 

A site visit to existing examples of best practice stone walling to illustrate a variety of techniques.  Information on how to survey the state of stone walls will encourage participants to identify and act to restore stone walls on their land or to volunteer as part of a stone wall volunteer team within Mourne. 

The workshops may be used as learning sessions to promote knowledge and skills in the practical restoration of dry stone walls for both local people who are complete novices and tradespeople who would like to amplify their skill base.  The venues for the workshops will allow both theoretical and practical learning to take place.

The 6 workshops should enable the participant to learn more about the different stone walling techniques used in the Mourne area. Being more knowledgeable about how to identify stone wall defects and knowing how to effectively restore them, will provide participants with the skills and enthusiasm to develop good practice in stone wall maintenance. 

It is suggested that the site visit and workshops are held on weekends. The workshops should have both a theoretical and practical element.




Providers to submit tender

Friday 21st February 2014

Select suitable provider

Week commencing 24th February 2014 

Briefing meeting with successful provider to establish dates & venues for workshops.        

Week commencing 03rd March 2014




Summary of information for providers wishing to be considered: 

Delivery: Please summarise how you would deliver this dry stone wall project (30%)

Knowledge: Please provide information of your local knowledge of Mourne landscapes with reference to stone walls (10%)

Cost: Please provide the overall cost for your piece of work, providing a breakdown of costs per workshop (40%)

Please enclose brief information on similar projects you have been previously involved in within the Mourne area (20%)

Tender submissions should be returned no later than 4pm on Friday 21st February 2014 (email submissions should be followed up by a hard copy within 3 days of the closing date).  

The tender form and accompanying documents should be 

Enclosed in a sealed envelope

Marked ‘Tender for Stone Wall workshop delivery’

Lodged in the office of :

Project Officer

Mourne Mountain Landscape Partnership

Unit 4 Cornmill Quay

Marine Park


BT34 4QG

Tel No:  028 437 67391 or Email:

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