About us


CraftCourses connects people with thousands of artisan makers across the UK. We have a massive choice of in-person workshops, live online classes, online courses, kits, and our brand new handcrafted shop.

Our mission is to help people experience the joy and satisfaction of making and doing, something we humans have always done for our survival and sanity (and arguably still benefit from, as our 30,000 plus reviews confirm).

Based in Pembrokeshire since 2011, we are the UK’s largest creative experience site; from glassblowing to blacksmithing, printmaking to pottery, sculpture to photography, there is something for everyone.

Our gift vouchers and cards make a unique and memorable present, redeemable against anything on the CraftCourses site.


Who we are

For ten years now we have been dedicated to supporting artisans, craftspeople, arts centres & colleges across the UK, with our excellent customer services, marketing and software.

We have a passion for doing some good in the world and sharing the many wonderful benefits of being creative and hands-on.

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Do you teach or make?

For our large community of makers/tutors, we offer an effective and efficient way to share your fascinating skills with the world and earn significant additional income.

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We are free to join, with no listing fees, we take a commission only when we deliver a fully paid up customer to you. The commission is 10% if you are using our 'instant' model and 12% if you use our 'on request' option for bookings & orders. We also have widget software, which our engineers can install for you, to help you keep all of your bookings and orders in one place - and these commissions are just 4%.

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Contact us

You can contact us between 9.30 a.m. and 3 p.m every weekday.