About us


CraftCourses helps people experience the joy and satisfaction of making and doing all across the UK, and beyond.

Based in Pembrokeshire since 2011, we are the UK’s largest creative experience site. We offer a choice of thousands of arts, crafts and wellbeing workshops, classes and courses. Every experience is unique: connecting students with expert tutors, each an individual craftsperson, maker, artist and do-er. We are the opposite of mass market.

From glass-blowing to blacksmithing, print-making to pottery, sculpture to soap-making, there is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Our gift vouchers and cards make a unique and thoughtful gift and can be used to choose any of the amazing options on our site.

We want to spread the sense of human fulfilment and 'flow' that being creative can nurture and our company culture is all about providing excellent service to our makers, whether as learners or teachers. Though we are all always learning.


Do you teach?

For our large community of creative tutors, we offer an effective and efficient way to share their skills with the world and to earn significant additional income. We are here to support artisans, craftspeople, colleges and arts centres all across the UK by offering truly excellent value and a welcoming, useful service.

It really is win win. 

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Who we are

We are a small close-knit team and we rely on each other to deliver excellence, from our customer relations through to our web platform and everything between.

We have a passion for doing some good in the world and sharing the many wonderful benefits of being creative and hands-on.

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