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Craft Courses houses the details of hundreds craft courses and workshops across the UK. Our mission is to interest new people in the delightful world of craftsmanship and encourage the passing on of valuable craft skills.

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Categories include textiles, jewellery, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, metal, paper, wax, bee-keeping, book-binding, calligraphy and many more.

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Harm and Kate Dewmartin run the business day to day from the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, where Craft Courses was set up in 2011. The concept of the Craft Courses website came from Kate's Mum, Pat Dew, who founded and ran The Rocking Horse Shop near York for 25 years, alongside Kate's Dad Tony, a carving tutor and master-craftsman of the finest ilk. The site build and functionality is the handiwork of David Bowen, who has represented the UK in Web Design. This was at WorldSkills London 2011, where Kate was part of the marketing team and Harm was helping Kate's Dad create the largest hand-carved rocking horse in the world!    



The meaning of ‘Craftsmanship’ is the act of using skills to make something with ones hands. We believe that that act, of learning and creating something, of practicing those skills, is good for us, that it enriches life. Proof of how good craft can make you feel can be found in the words of the hundreds of student reviews we have collected - read the latest here.

Therapies going back centuries involve craft, perhaps because in creating, we concentrate and we relax