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Craft Courses is uniquely dedicated to promoting craft courses and workshops across the UK. 

We provide in depth information on hundreds of contemporary and traditional craft courses and workshops. Please browse through our course and craft categories - there is plenty to inspire!

Our mission is to interest new people in the delightful world of craftsmanship as well as help established crafts men and women to advance their skills. By their very nature, hand crafted items are all unique. This uniqueness is the concept behind our thumbprint logo. Craft celebrates individual creativity, yet learning and sharing craft skills bring us together.

Our database contains the details of hundreds of courses and workshops to browse across the whole of the UK, in textiles, jewellery, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, metal, paper, wax and more.

These courses inspire people to learn a skill that could last a lifetime.

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Harm and Kate Dewmartin run the business day to day from the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, where Craft Courses was set up in 2011. The concept of the Craft Courses website came from Kate's Mum, Pat Dew, who founded and ran The Rocking Horse Shop near York for 25 years, alongside Kate's Dad. The site build and functionality is the handiwork of David Bowen, who has represented the UK in Web Design. This was at WorldSkills London 2011, where Kate was part of the marketing team and Harm was helping Kate's Dad create the largest hand-carved rocking horse in the world!  


Craft is that which is both beautiful and useful. Craftsmanship is a beautiful thing; not just for the objects produced, but because the act of making and creating something enriches life. Proof of this can be read in the words of the many students reviews we collect - read the latest here.

Craft is also good for you; therapies going back centuries involve craft, perhaps because in creating, we concentrate, we relax. We touch, we experience, we develop understanding of our own creative impulse, and of the materials we work with. 

“There is an ideal of excellence for any particular craft or occupation; similarly there must be an excellence that we can achieve as human beings.” Aristotle



We offer a free course page and free company page to every single craft course provider in the UK, whether they be a large community college or a one-man-band. Signing up is easy and quick. Anyone running a large programme of craft courses and workshops can add additional pages for £2 per month each. Paying customers can also add links to their websites to their course and company pages.  

The goal of every course page is to give the student everything he or she needs to know to go ahead and book that course or workshop. We don’t hide phone numbers or email addresses; it’s clear and simple to use. Since going live in April 2012, we have gained some very happy customers!

There is a student review facility at the foot of every page, which means course providers can collect testimonials and star ratings from their students simply by emailing them the link. More information about how to collect reviews from students can be found here.



Craft Courses runs the craft Students’ Choice Awards, which means that every 5* student review gained by a course provider counts towards a "Certificate of Excellence". This is word-of-mouth marketing (the best kind), using modern technology!

Every time a course is reviewed, the course provider is sent an email with a link so that course providers can read the reviews as they come in. All student reviews are also monitored by the Craft Courses office. 

Providers are issued with Bronze, Silver, Gold and platinum certificates and badges depending on how many 5* reviews they gain from students.  




Each course page includes a Google map of the workshop location, a price, a ‘what’s included’ section and a full description of what the student can expect to experience. This is a good example of a course page.

There is one main image and up to 20 thumbnail images in the gallery, each one of which can be individually labelled. This helps the search engines find the pages, so is well worth doing. It also gives the potential student a picture of what is on offer. Images might be of the tutor, the craft product, tutor’s work, the workshop, the grounds or view from the workshop. 

Each company page contains a logo or main image and any Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel links. These pages appear in the Course Providers'  gallery and become the central hub for all craft courses run by that company, organisation or tutor.


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